ECP for Better Blood Flow to Your Healthy Heart

External Counterpulsation Theraphy

ECP is a safe, non-invasive and FDA-approved therapy that enhances blood circulation. Over time, ECP therapy encourages restricted blood vessels to open small channels that become an alternative route, becoming ‘natural bypass’ vessels to improve blood flow to the heart.

ECP therapy is suitable for customers with various medical conditions, examples, chronic fatigue symptoms, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc.

How ECP Works

How Does ECP Benefit You?

Heart Diseases 

Chronic stable angina

  • Increased blood flow through existing coronary arteries.
  • Formation of collateral blood vessels.
  • Reduce heart workload.

 Heart failure

  • Reduce the workload of the heart.
  • Increase the production of nitric oxide.
  • Improving endothelial function.


  • ECP can be a safe and effective option for the treatment of angina in patients with diabetes.
  • Stimulate glucose uptake.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity.


  • Blood flow increases during therapy help in improving endothelial function.
  • Improves vascular function. 

Ischemic Stroke

  • May increase the blood flow to the brain.
  • Good functional outcome.

Erectile Dysfunction

  • Improving the blood flow as common causes of ED are diseases that affect blood flow such as atherosclerosis, nerve diseases, and psychological factors (stress).

Restless leg syndrome

  • Enhances blood flow throughout the body, increases the supply of needed nutrients to the nervous system (iron, magnesium).

Sports performance and recovery

  • Helps with the lactate threshold.
  • Endurance performance.
  • Sports recovery is enhanced and athletics can resume the training sooner.

Wellness & Healthy Aging