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Hi my name is Chin M C, a Service Adviser with LifeCare Alliance.

We specialises in comprehensive and regular medical screening and diagnostics.

Don’t you think medical checks are important for your wellness and healthy aging?

Preventive Care: Comprehensive Health Checkup at Regular Intervals

Preventive Care: What causes a healthy athlete die of heart attack?

LifeCare has been in medical check up business for 15 years. We are the award winner for primary care and medical screening and diagnostics.

We focus on preventive care on a comprehensive and regular basis by early detection of diseases, prevent it from deteriorating further by providing simple solution for our clients.

Here I cannot stress enough why comprehensive and regular checks are important. A person takes on a simple medical screening may miss detecting some life threatening diseases. Likewise, a person not doing regular medical check up may also miss some early detection even if it is a comprehensive medical package. 

Let me illustrate what we do by bringing your attention to three business models. A medical lab, A diagnostic center, A Hospital.

Medical lab would do medical screening. Diagnostic center would do medical testing but not treatment. Hospital would do diagnostic and treatment. 

A healthy person would go for simple lab screening and diagnostics whereas people with sicknesses would go to hospital for treatment.

Lifecare provides both medical screening and diagnostics so our focus is targeted at healthy people.

Now that you know the differences among the business models, it’s easy for you to understand why our doctors had designed a few medical screening and diagnostics packages to cater for preventive care. 

The initial best selling medical check up package Delux C comprise 3 Platinum – Health Assessment Package – RM 4180 male, RM 4480 female a special price of RM 9250. It works out to be RM 3084 each year over three year period.

As we moved on, we discovered that the top diseases in Malaysia are heart attack and stroke. Our doctors then designed an improved health assessment package by adding specific tests for the heart health.

A Heart & Stroke Package HS2 was rolled out. The package comprise 10 Gold Plus with Bonuses for heart tests – 5 Calcium Score, 10 CIMT, !0 ECHO. A price tag of RM 21,700 for the entire package. It works out to be RM 2170 each over 12 year period.

We continue to evolve as the heart tests revealed some heart problems faced by some clients. LifeCare came out with a clever solution, the HS4 package. Thus the ECP Therapy  (RM 9,000 for 40 sessions) was added as a bonus to the HS 2 package.

This HS 4 package if  buy separately it is RM 37,900. However we are no going to charge that amount. You will get 40 ECP Session as a special bonus for RM 300 only. You get it at RM 28,700. It works out to be RM 2870 each over 12 year period and 1 for year ECP.

As you see from the photo below ECP enhances blood flow throughout your body. It promotes the grow of Nitric Oxide that Dilate your blood vessel. Further more it promote blood vessel formation to act as natural bypass for better blood flow.

Please feel free to contact me to show you how you can embrace preventive care for your wellness and healthy aging. 

Chin M C 012-5195005

Enclosed are a few medical packages for your comparisons.